Find Your Footing Workshop and Downloadable Resources

Find Your Footing Workshop and Downloadable Resources

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Find Your Footing is an in-depth workshop that teaches you how to transition to barefoot shoes safely, affordably, and stylishly (without all the guesswork and time-consuming trial and error). Petra and I share everything you need to make the transition to barefoot shoes easier and more successful, including:

  • What exactly makes a minimal shoe minimal and what characteristics to look out for when shopping for minimal shoes

  • How to find the right shoe for YOU – one that fits your unique foot anatomy and supports your foot health goals (no more guesswork!)

  • Practical tips on where to find barefoot shoes that are both stylish and affordable

  • Simple foot strengthening exercises to support your transition and long-term foot health

  • Printable tools and resources to help you enjoy optimal foot strength and mobility, now and for years to come

You get to keep the replay and downloads forever to refer back to again and again!

“Wish I’d had this when I began”
“I‘ve been in barefoot shoes for 6 years. Made many
mistakes along the way. This is such great
information! Wish I‘d had this when I began. Thanks
so much Petra & Anya!!“ - Julie

“This is exactly what I needed”
"Oh my god I’ve only taken a quick look at all the
downloads and I am amazed. This is exactly what I
needed right now and it even exceeds my
expectations!!! Thank you thank you thank you Petra
and Anya!" - Mélissa

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