About Us

Our Goal

We aim to broaden the reach of barefoot shoe brands and individual shoemakers who are all about healthy and functional footwear. All of the shoes you will see in this shop are made to be flat, flexible, and with an anatomical foot shape.

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Hi! I'm Anya.

I am a barefoot shoe wearer who also loves personal style. I first discovered "barefoot shoes" after a long bout of foot issues. They were a lifeline thrown to me when everything else I tried was a dead end (see more about my journey here). I lamented my amazing shoe wardrobe and felt like I would never be chic again. Healthy shoes are ugly right? WRONG!

Paradigm Shift

I realized that with some extra research (and a whole new set of standards), I could curate shoes that made me feel amazing and didn't require any compromises. I started my blog Anya's Reviews to share what I learned with others. I watched this movement grow over several years and decided to open up Anya's Shop to help broaden the reach of these fantastic brands and individuals who are all about healthy and functional footwear.

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